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  • Trouble logging in?

    Enroll in Online Banking

  • Trouble logging in?

    Enroll in Online Banking

Trouble logging in?

Enroll in Online Banking

How do I enroll in WSFS online banking?

Please visit our Online Banking Enrollment page to sign up.

Enroll Now

What if I forgot my password or user ID?

Please call us to reset your password and/or user ID.

Call 888.973.7226

How do I set up alerts for my account?

Account, security, debit card and bill pay alerts can be set up by clicking Manage Alerts under the Customer Service tab.

How do I transfer funds from my account?

Select the Transfer Funds tab, then use the dropdown box to choose the accounts to which you want to transfer funds.

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Safety & Security Tools

Your security and privacy are important to us. Here’s how we can help:

  • How to Protect Yourself

    ATM Safety, password guidelines, and other best practices to safeguard your accounts.

  • Security Center

    Visit our Security Center for all of the latest security tips and fraud prevention education.

Log in to Online Banking | WSFS Bank (12)


Our friendly Associates are here to help 7am-7pm (M-F) and 9am-3pm (on weekends) at 888.973.7226, by scheduling an appointment or visiting the nearest WSFS Banking Office.


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Log in to Online Banking | WSFS Bank (2024)
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